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Reiki Treatment



LightWorks Reiki
Shoden & Okuden Training Class
(Beginner & Advanced Practitioner Levels 1 & 2)

Anyone can learn Reiki.   Whether you are new to Reiki, an experienced Reiki practitioner or teacher, Shoden & Okuden Training Classes provide the opportunity to learn and practice techniques and strategies that will enable you to bring better health and well-being to yourself and others. This class prepares the student to practice Reiki on self and others, as well as, to start a professional practice if desired.

Presented in a 3-Day Intensive, or 5-Day Class, students learn and practice beginner and advanced treatment protocols and methodologies. Curriculum includes:

  •  Beginning & Advanced Techniques, Methods of Practice & Treatment Protocols

  •  Origin & History of Reiki

  •  Guiding Principles of Reiki 

  •  Byosen (Understanding the Energy)

  •  Understanding the Japanese Culture of Reiki

  •  Reiju (Attunement/Connection to Source)

  •  Japanese Reiki Techniques

  •  Personal Practice Techniques & Reiki Meditations

  •  Psychological and Distant Reiki Practice Protocols & Methodology

  •  Hands-On Practice Opportunities

  •  Independent Practice Assignments

  •  Ongoing Mentoring and Communication with Luci/Reiki Teacher and LightWorks Reiki Community

  •  and more....

Shoden & Okuden (Level 1 & 2): Events
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