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LightWorks Reiki Aromatics
Customizing Aromatherapy for You!

Aromatherapy: Services

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy, also referred to as Essential Oil Therapy, may be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.  Aromatherapy unifies one's physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to enhance our natural healing processes.  It is the use of aromatic substances(essential oils) for holistic health care.

What does LightWorks Reiki Aromatics Service Offer?

Our primary focus is providing One-on-One Private Aromatherapy Consultations for the purpose of discovering and creating the Aromatic Products that will assist and enhance your personal healing processes.  Custom Blends and Products created specifically for you are based on detailed discussion and review of your holistic health goals.  Appointments are required.  Online Booking is available.

Luci also offers a variety of Hand Crafted Products and Signature/Proprietary Blends for purchase without consultation for general wellness use.

Online shopping is temporarily unavailable.  Please contact via email to request available product list and pricing.

Aromatherapy Oil

Hand Crafted Products

We use the highest quality, all organic Essential Oils, Carrier Oils and Butters in our products. 

No chemical preservatives are ever used. 

When requesting Custom Blended/Handcrafted Products and Custom Blended Oils, we may require an Aromatherapy consultation so that your needs, aromatic preferences and desired outcomes/goals of Aromatherapy use may be properly

and safely addressed.

Our Handcrafted Products include: 


Hand & Body Lotions

Body Butters

Foaming Shower Wash

Hand & Body Wash/Gel

Bath Salts

Shower Steamers

Diffuser Blends

Body Sprays & Spritzes

Room Spray

Solid Perfumes


Wellness Roll-Ons

and More!


Signature/Proprietary Blends

In addition to our Custom Aromatherapy Services, we have created some Essential Oil Blends that are just right for use by anyone.  Our Blends are available in 2ml and 5ml bottles, as well as, in lotions, butters, inhalers, etc.

Some of our available Signature Blends include:

Nice & Clear - Sinus & Headache Relief

Breath Easy - Respiratory Support

Skin Lovin' - Skin Nourishing

Forest Bathing - Allergy & Anxiety Support

Sweet Zzz's - Promotes Sleep & Relaxation

Bye, Bye Dry - Dry Skin Helper

Lift Me Up! - Energizing

R & R - Rest & Relaxation

Pain Be Gone - Muscle & Joint Support

Muscle Magic - Hemp based Muscle & Joint support

and More!

Disclaimer: All material provided by Luci/LightWorks Reiki & Aromatherapy is provided for informational or educational purposes only, and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your healthcare professional or physician.

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