Simply Soothing Facial Wash - 2 oz.

Simply Soothing Facial Wash - 2 oz.


Made in small batches, our 100% organic soapless facial wash cleanses and soothes.  Great for irritated and dry skin, and for calming skin that is experiencing "break outs".  Provides a gentle cleansing that promotes clearer, smoother facial skin.

  • How to Use

    Dampen face with warm water.  On a damp cotton pad or washcloth, place a few drops of Simply Soothing Facial Wash.  Wash face just as you would with soap, avoiding eye area.  Rinse and pat dry.

  • Ingredients

    All organic with gentle Aloe Vera Gel for cleansing, Avocado Oil for moisturizing, and Essential Oil of Frankincense Boswellia carterii for nourishing the skin.

  • Safety and Cautions

    • Patch test for sensitivity.
    • Not for use on eyes.