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In-Person Reiki  Classes/Trainings

& Events

Lightworks Reiki is Usui Reiki Ryoho based in the Japanese Reiki tradition.  
Strict attendance, practice, homework assignments and protocols have been instituted and set in place to ensure complete understanding, education and competence in Reiki practice. Certification is dependent on the student adhering to and completing all assignments, practice and protocols. Mentorship and ongoing communication following certification is offered and encouraged.

Reiki Classes & Events: Events
Reiki Treatment

Shoden & Okuden Training
(Beginner & Advanced Practitioner Levels 1 & 2)


Anyone can learn Reiki. Whether you are new to Reiki, an experienced Reiki practitioner or teacher,

Shoden & Okuden Training provide the opportunity to learn and practice techniques and strategies that will enable you to bring better health and well-being to yourself and others.

Presented in a 5-Day Class or as a  3-Day Intensive Class, students learn and practice beginner and advanced treatment protocols and methodologies.


Certificates are presented upon completion of the training classes.

Peaks Above Clouds

 Shoden (Level 1) Training


Shoden Training is the Beginner Practitioner Level.  This class is for those new to Reiki, just beginning their Reiki journey, or for those already certified in Reiki, this is an opportunity to deepen your experience and knowledge of Reiki and Japanese culture. 

Certificates are presented upon completion of the training class.


 Okuden (Level 2) Training


Okuden Training is the Advanced Practitioner Level.  This class is for those having trained with Luci/already certified in LightWorks Reiki at the Shoden level, wishing to deepen your experience and knowledge of Reiki, Japanese culture and learn Enkaku Chiryo (Distance Treatment) and the Psychological/Emotional Session protocols.

Certificates are presented uoncompletion of the training class.

View of Meditation Garden

 Reiki "Recharge" & Reiki Share


Reiki "Recharge" is an opportunity for Practitioners having trained with Luci/LightWorks Reiki to receive Reiju and to connect with their Reiki colleagues. Participants receive Reiju and we take time to review/discuss topics and concepts related to Reiki practice.

Reiki Share follows and is an opportunity to give and receive Reiki from your peers.

Light snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Advance sign up is requested as space is limited.  

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