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The "Remedy" You Seek?...

I see so many of my friends posting on social media about how they are experiencing pain and/or illness. Asking for suggestions and "remedies" as the things they've tried have not worked. Well, did you know, your body has the innate ability to heal itself--it was "designed" to heal itself. Yes, it does need help at times to get back to its natural state and help to start the healing process. Now, I know many of you don't understand, or "believe in" what I do, but you don't have to understand or "believe" for Reiki to work. Do you understand how all your medicines and medical therapies work? Reiki is all about allowing and assisting the body and mind to return to its natural state and to "jump start" the body's own natural healing processes. Pain eases, the healing processes begin. There is no need to "give up" your regular medical treatments, Reiki works alongside and with traditional/allopathic medicine and medical treatments. There are no side effects, it does no harm. With regular Jikiden Reiki® sessions, significant improvements in body and mind health are possible and probable. So, when you ask for "remedies" consider a Reiki session, it may just be the one thing that gets you back on track to feeling better and achieving optimum health. Visit my website for more info. and if you'd like, book a session online--you've tried everything else, now give Reiki a try. It just may be the "remedy" you've been looking for.

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