Perfect Sunny Summer Day

blue summer sky

You know that feeling you get on that perfect sunny day? That one day where the sun is shining in clear blue sky, the temperature is perfect, and you have nothing to do but enjoy the day? That feeling when the the sun is warming your body inside and out there's not a cloud in the sky a nice gentle breeze keeps you cool and comfortable? Nature at perfection. Your life in one if its most perfect moments. That's the feeling I get with Reiki. Whether giving or receiving, the feeling is that of a perfect sunny summer day, where I have not a care in the world and everything falls perfectly into place.

So, Just For Today, I will recall those feelings and continue with my day. And if I should forget how that perfect sunny summer day feels, I will remember, that within my hands, I hold a key—Reiki—to bring those feelings back and keep me in the moment.

Kyo Dake Wa