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Nothing More, Nothing Less

What is different about Jikiden Reiki®? I get this question posed to me on almost a daily basis. And while it is not a difficult question to answer, the answer is one that many tend to misunderstand and interpret as a competition between styles of Reiki practice. It is not a competition. It is a difference in modality of practice and cultural understanding of the practice.

The differences found in the Jikiden Reiki® practice of Reiki stem from the Japanese cultural understanding that there is no need to assist, add, improve upon or otherwise change Reiki and that which flows naturally. While, in “western” styles of Reiki practice, the addition of crystals, chanting, and symbols is seen as beneficial, inherent and, at times, necessary to the practice. “Western” styles of Reiki push to improve upon and increase the rate and quality of the energy flow and to improve upon Reiki’s inherent healing benefits. This is not “wrong” per se, but unnecessary. Just as Reiki complements allopathic (Western) medicine, crystals and such complement Reiki. These additions do not change the Reiki or alter it in anyway. Crystals and such, provide their own unique energy which, like Reiki, complements the energy already at work within our body system. Reiki is a Universal energy, a natural creation. It’s very definition is “soul energy” – Rei = Soul, Ki = Energy, one of the highest forms of blessing from the Divine/Universe. How does one portend to improve on this natural energy, “soul energy”?

In the Jikiden Reiki® tradition, the premise is in “keeping it simple”, utilizing and honoring the practice as it was created and intended by Usui Sensei. Allowing the Reiki to flow as it naturally does without direction, without intention on the part of the practitioner. The practitioner is nothing more than the conduit for Reiki.

Reiki, “soul energy” is derived from the universe, as humans, we are not in a position to improve upon that which is comes from a higher source, which is part of our soul and intrinsic to our being. Why would we want to? Have efforts to improve upon nature and things of nature ever really brought us lasting benefit? Look at what has happened to our attempts at improving nature’s bounty of food sources—pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, preservatives, GMO’s- all, while having done some good in the short term, are wreaking havoc in our lives in the long term (but that is a discussion for another time).

Don’t get me wrong, I do not equate crystals, chanting, and the other additions that pop up in some Reiki circles as detrimental and harmful to the individual receiving or giving the Reiki treatment, I am just pointing out, that it is not always necessary to add more and more, and try to improve upon that which is natural and innate within our being. My point is, Reiki is a natural gift of energy that resides within and around all of us. Usui Sensei created a practice and system of learning intended to make Reiki accessible to all. It does not require the knowledge of crystal energy, special series of symbols, or sequences of chants. It requires no more than an open hand, and an open heart to share this healing energy with one another.

“Reiki is Reiki is Reiki” (as Arjava Sensei would say). “Soul Energy” is just that, it cannot be changed or improved upon. It is what it is. Complement it if you feel the need, but for me, I choose to follow the Jikiden Reiki® tradition to “Keep it simple”, nothing more nothing less. Just allow the Reiki to flow, and the healing processes to unfold.

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