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To everything there is a season...

“In the quiet solitude and isolation comes inspiration, guidance and at times, profound change. The wisdom of the ages speaks loudest when all is quiet. I have heard, I have listened, I have learned, and I will share.”

I think we can all agree that the past 7+ months have been some of the most challenging times many of us have had to navigate. These times have had us looking at how we work, play, relax, spend time with family, and more. For me, it has been a time of reflection, adjustment to life as a grandma, a change in living situation, and an evolution in my Reiki practice. Reiki has been and always will be an important aspect of my daily life . Reiki has seen me through many a difficult time emotionally and physically. It is also afforded me the opportunity to meet and help others along the way. I am committed to my Reiki practice and teaching, and during the pandemic, have made a concerted effort to continue helping, offering, and mentoring Reiki in every way possible. During this time, I have also been guided to evolve my Reiki practice and build upon my experiences, education and the techniques used in Reiki practice and teaching. While I am sincerely dedicated to and continue to offer and adhere to the teachings and methodology of traditional Reiki, specifically JIkiden Reiki®, I’ve been inspired to experiment with some techniques, which have led to some very surprising and effective outcomes.

One of the protocols and key components to Reiki is Reiju. Reiju is the key to awakening the Reiki within the soul. And, while the preferred and most commonly effective way to offer and receive Reiju is in-person, during my explorations and experimentations, I have found that Reiju can be done distantly with the same results as when done in-person. Why is this surprising to me? I do not understand for through all my trainings, and years of working with Reiki, it has been repeated and shownover and over that Reiki transcends both time and space. In the same way that Reiki can be sent to another distantly for healing purposes, one can also be awaked to Reiki through distant Reiju.

Usui sensei intended Reiki to be shared worldwide for the benefit of all. Before his passing he asked Hayashi sensei to grow and evolve Reiki. With this in mind, and the confidence in the protocols I’ve experimented with and evolved, I’ve created a new Reiki training curriculum - Mind, Body & Soul Reiki - which will be offered as online classes.

Mind, Body & Soul Reiki is Usui Reiki Ryoho, Japanese Reiki, evolved to enable distant teaching and Reiju (attunement). Reiki is Reiki is Reiki - the energy, history, practice and methodology remain unchanged from what is taught and practiced in a standard in-person Reiki class. Only the method of delivery of the information and Reiju has changed to enable distant (online) learning and Reiju (attunement).

"To everything there is a season..." The season has come for change and growth. Just as the Great Kanto Earthquake caused Usui sensei to grow Reiki to meet the demands of the times, so has this pandemic resulted in the need to further evolve Reiki to meet our current needs.

Be well my friends, be safe and continue to embrace the healing energies of Reiki to guide you in good health through these uncertain times.

Virtual Hugs,


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